The Desalination of Sea Water Using Forms of Renewable Energies

Topics: Drinking water, Water purification, Desalination Pages: 65 (17887 words) Published: January 28, 2013
BEng of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering and Renewable Energies

Team: Carbon

Project Title: The Desalination of Sea Water Using Forms of Renewable Energies

Team Members: Cormac Kelly A00164826
Ingmars Landmanis A00165976
Rakan Al Toub

Project Supervisor: Eoin Ward


This thesis is a presentation of team Carbons original research work. Wherever contributions of others are involved, every effort is made to indicate this clearly, with due reference to the literature, and acknowledgement of collaborative research and discussions. The work was done under the guidance of Mechanical Engineer Eoin Ward of Athlone Institute of Technology.

Signatures of Students:




In my capacity as supervisor of the candidate’s thesis, I certify that the above statements are true to the best of my Knowledge

Eoin Ward



Date: _______________


The members of team carbon would like to acknowledge the help and guidance of Mr Eoin Ward as the supervisor of team Carbon for his time and effort involved in the teams project. Team Carbon would also like to thank other Lectures and members of the college for their guidance and help with the project such as the following: Ronan Dunbar, Sean Glennon, James Hopkins, Tommy Digan, Joe Coyne and Christy Hopkins. The project would simply not be at the level we achieved without the help and guidance of the names listed above. So with this in mind we sincerely thank each individual that help in any way in the projects evolution and making it possible.

The Desalination of Sea Water Using Forms of Renewable Energies Safe drinking water is one of the world’s major problems as currently 4000 children die every day as a direct result of unsafe Drinkwater and 879 million people in the world do not have access to safe drinking water. This paper looks at creating a unit that could possibly create safe drinking water from sea water as many countries in the world such as Haiti which has a huge coastline and access to sea water but have no means of converting this sea water to safe drinkable water. Such method’s as Reverse osmosis, Electro Dialysis and Ultra violet light are looked at in-depth. After all aspects were investigated a unit was designed which could attempt to achieve the goal of creating safe drinking water from sea water. This lead to creating experiments and thinking out side of the box as the unit was being built to be cheap and easy to use so when a unit was delivered to a poor socio economic area there would be few issues with the operation and usage of the unit. This paper shows how the project progressed from an initial idea to the final design and the steps that were taken to achieve the existing unit on which this paper is based.

Keywords: Desalination, Reverse Osmosis, Electro dialysis, UV treatment, Potable water

Table of Contents
The Desalination of Sea Water Using Forms of Renewable EnergiesIV
Table of ContentsV
List of FiguresX
Table of TablesXI
Risk assessmentXIV
Co-Authorship StatementXV
Reverse Osmosis4
The history of Reverse Osmosis5
Basic principles of Reverse Osmosis6
RO System in Conjunction With UV water Disinfecting System7
Flow Rate for UV Sterilisation System8
Possible design for RO system8
Existing RO system on the market9
Pump for RO10
Advantages and Disadvantages of RO12
Disadvantages of RO12
Advantages of RO12
Why RO was not Chosen13
Chapter 214
Electro Dialysis14
Development of the ED15
Applications of the ED16
Design considerations of the ED system16
Ion exchange membranes17...
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