The Dell Company: Management and Organizational Behavior

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  • Published : December 21, 2011
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Management and organizational behavior

The Dell Company has made choices using the systems and contingency approaches to management of the company. Firstly, the company’s strategy of having the customer of the product design it himself is a systematic in that the company builds a machine that is precise to the consumer’s needs thus reducing the overall time and cost of the process. The specified designs also means very little resources in primary research as the consumers can choose exactly what they want in their particular machine. The company also uses the contingency approach to managing the processes. Since each machine is designed to the purchasers desires means there is no single way of doing things. While there are basic processes that go on into making a computer, each one they make is different to the last because of the specifics of the purchasers The approach that is more appropriate is the systems approach. The approach is cost effective for the organization. Very little resources are wasted in manufacturing. Also the elimination of the middleman means they get to hear the problems encountered with their product straight from the consumers. Thus it also constantly improves the products of the company as the open lines of communication between manufacturer and consumer are direct. The approach that Dell has in order to conduct business the Dell way presents various sets of challenges. The feedback gained from the work force and the customers is likely dense thus sifting through it and finding actual useful information takes time and can be a waste of resources. Finding the fundamental issues in the company is much harder with a system like Dell’s. The tell Dell system is open for everybody thus it may prove to be a lengthy task differentiating the personal problems to the fundamental ones within the organization. However since Dell prides itself in its approach, it seems a necessary challenge to face. Dell may perhaps want to have a differentiated...
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