The Definition of a True Inspiration

Topics: Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes, La Mancha Pages: 4 (1492 words) Published: March 18, 2012
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March 03, 2012
The Definition of a True Inspiration
Miguel cervantes, was born on september 1547 on Alcala de Henares, Spain. The exact day he was born is unknown. He was a famous novelist and poet whose writings were and continue to be well liked in society. Cervantes was unsuccesful in portraying his thoughts and feelings on the corruption of the goverment and his life as a soldier. Nonetheless, Cervantes approached his goal of reducing corruption through his personal experiences into his writings. With the help of cervantes masterpieces, literature is viewed with a different prespective. The true meaning of the authors masterpieces was discovered after suffering several blows of life, but it is evident that he influenced history with his writings. As a teen boy, cervantes traveled from place to place due to his dads unstable job as a barber-surgion.His fathers job was inturn not the best stable job, leading the Cervantes family from middle class into ruins.Cervantes, the forth out seven children ,was “poor in worldly posetions” and seemed to have received very little education, but was ambitious and worked his way to achive his goals. (Watts 5). Although Cervantes did not have any formal education, he seemed knowlagable and creative on his writings. James fitmaurice claims that even through “many troubled years”, he always kept in memory his “imperial dream”(7) cervantes lived in rome in the late 1560's for about fifteen months and is said that this was where “Filena was written” and where he “laid the foundation of his knowlage for the “Italian Hernandez 2

literature”(fitzmaurice 19).During this time, Cervantes was also known to travel from Valencia and Barcelona with Aquaviva, according to the kings prescript. In this trip, Migel de Cervantes observed the southcoast of France. Cervantes describes evertything he observed in the scenes used for Galatea. He enlisted as a...
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