The Dear Departed

Topics: Family, Grandparent, Death Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: October 8, 2012
Good morning to one and all and welcome to todays play brought to u by group g of First sceen
Yash what are u doing here don’t u know that ur grand pa id dead and u r roaming here and there just go and change ur cloths Rishab why
Yash ur aunt and uncle is coming
R why
Yto talk about grand paas affairs grand father
Y to hewell outshine her sister Elizabeth and her husband ben in mourning dresses Henry I wonder whwther they will come
YElizabeth will come at once for her share of what grand father has left Yhenry u should wear grandpas sleeper so that these could be ours and will not be devided Y I always want to have grandpas bureau after his death

He Elizabeth will rise a noise on it
Y we couold put the old chest of drawers at the place of beuroe henry will u help me to bring the beureo down and the clock also . Victoria just close the doors and dony open if they com Rohhhh ur pinching the things of grand pa

Y alas we have taken the beureo and the clock before they came Definaly the oldy is dead. We couldn’t start early as we were waiting for the mouring clothes what did the doctor said YI called for mr pringle but he was out of station

Dit was a fatal mistake
Y just shut up
Yher father was happy this mrning he had gone to pay his insurance . he must have gone to ring o bells furthure Ywould u go to the grandpa
D no I will prefer to go after a tea
Ywe should anonce the death of gp by poem
Dno it will cost much.
Dmy father promised me to his gold watch for jimmy
Ben the insurance money
YI haven’t seen him
R grand pa didn’t go to pay insurance that morning
Yhe went out
\r but he didn’t go into the town he met old mr.Tattersall down the street and then went off past st.phillips church bento ring o bells
y that public house that john shorrocks widow keeps he is always hanging about there oh if he...
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