The Dangers of Enhancing Drugs in Sports

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  • Published : February 1, 2008
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The Dangers of Enhancing Drugs in Sports

From basketball to football to gymnastics, enhancing drugs have changed the face of sports as we know it. Performance enhancement drugs, like anabolic steroids, may help athletes perform better by giving them greater muscle strength; however, these athletes may not realize that these illegal drugs are highly dangerous. Is it rally worth risking ones life or health just to win that game or medal? Performance enhancing drugs are substances that are used to increase certain physiologic functions. These drugs affect muscle strength, endurance, the ability to pump blood, the ability to breathe, liver function and kidney function. Taking these substances help athletes with their performance, which enables them to do better in competition. Performance enhancing drugs range in many types from dietary supplements to steroids. The most common enhancing drugs are the anabolic steroids, which include testosterone, and its precursors; androstenedione and dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate. had an article breaking down the process of how steroids work:

Anabolic means we build up tissue. So, we as we eat protein, we get more muscle. If we inject steroids that are anabolic, we hold on to that protein
and our muscle mass grows; we get stronger. The normal response to
running or weightlifting might be to grow muscles and become stronger

Enhancing Drugs 3

to a degree. But to add anabolic steroids to that recipe, so the muscle get
bigger or stronger, is unnatural and there can be hazards from doing that.

When taking these drugs, they are consumed orally or by injection. I guess you could say one would not have to be afraid of needles, that or grin and bare it; athletes will go to major extremes to get to that certain strength. Speaking of athletes, what athletes are taking these dangerous drugs? Savulescu (2004), states...
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