The Curse of Macbeth

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  • Published : November 9, 2008
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Many people believe that there is a terrible curse that has been put upon Shakespeare’s Macbeth. But the question is; are they right? We believe that it is all a matter of whether or not one is superstitious.

For the opening scene of Act IV, Shakespeare reproduced a sacred black-magic ritual in which a group of witches danced about a black cauldron, shouting out strange phrases and ingredients to be thrown into it. The practitioners of rituals such as this one were not very amused by Shakespeare's public exposure of their witchcraft, and as punishment they decided to cast their own spell on the play Macbeth that still haunts it to this day.

In 1606 Will Shakespeare had to play Lady Macbeth, when the boy assigned the role suddenly died. Perhaps this is the seed that planted the curse of Macbeth. To think of this as coincidence is not nearly as exciting as it is to perceive it as a curse. Perhaps the detailed ingredients to black magic potions and practices were not a good thing for Master Shakespeare to reveal so openly.

In 1672 the actor playing Macbeth actually replaced the prop dagger with a real one and stabbed a fellow actor during the performance in Amsterdam.

The role of Lady Macbeth seems to suffer from the possibility of curse severely. One actor playing Lady Macbeth was ravaged by the audience, another strangled, and one even fell 15 feet.

Even the audience has paid its dues. In 1849 thirty one people were trampled during the performance, while in 1937 Laurence Olivier’s sword broke and flew into the audience injuring a man.

In 1942 the extreme happened in the Macbeth production, and 3 actors died, two of the witches and Duncan.

No one has solved the curse of Macbeth yet. However, a group of psychics recently attempted to contact the spirit of King Macbeth. Their attempts, of course, did not turn out so well. From the beginning, there were problems. Several witches had planned on arriving at the old Inverness Castle to...
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