The Crucible - Theme of Revenge

Topics: Salem witch trials, The Crucible, Elizabeth Proctor Pages: 4 (1422 words) Published: April 27, 2011
A dramatist who explores the theme of revenge throughout his play is Arthur Miller in ‘The Crucible. There are different characters in this play that carry this theme of revenge, Abigail being one in particular, as she seeks revenge against Goody Proctor. This is due to Goody Proctor firing Abigail from her job after she had found out Abigail had had an affair with her husband. This seventeen-year-old girl also has an endless capacity for dissembling. John Proctor, Reverend Parris, and the Putnam’s are also characters in the play that are out to seek revenge for their own reasons. It could through the theme of revenge, be said that Miller tries to enhance your application of the play.

Miller wrote the Crucible as a response to McCarthyism in the United States. The setting takes place in Salem, where the villagers are purists, in the days of Witch Trials. However, its real meaning was to expose McCarthyism for what it was - insanity based on a lie. This is through Abigail being, eventually exposed as a fraud like McCarthy himself. However, due to the courts in Salem already having hung so many accused witches, Danforthe was unwilling to accept the truth. Although the court had little evidence to convict anyone they would still hang an accused if they would not confess to witchcraft.

Repetition has a major participation in showing that Abigail wants rid and revenge on Goody Proctor, as Elizabeth in Abigail’s eyes has been blacking her name in the village. In act one you learn this and Betty reminds Abigail of what she has done. “You drank a charm to kill John Proctor’s wife! You drank a charm to kill Goody Proctor.” This repetitions as well as Miller’s use of tone and punctuation here emphasis Betty’s shock and confusion as to why Abigail would do this. The punctuation in particular shows that Betty is trying to get this memory across to Abby, giving the impression that Betty will not let Abigail forget about her actions. Elizabeth also realises herself...
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