The Crucible Analysis

Topics: Salem witch trials, Witchcraft, The Crucible Pages: 3 (1051 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Honors English-10
19 October 2012
The Crucible Analysis
Throughout The Crucible, the main character, John Proctor, had an internal change due to events and people in the story. Proctor was influenced by the Salem witch trials and the people involved in it. He learned lessons along the way and learned to stay true and honest to who he is. Proctor committed adultery with a girl named Abigail and felt terribly guilty. At first Proctor continued to fall into his guilt by lying and not moving on. Slowly, he progressed and became an honest man who was freed by the innocence he found within himself. The events that take place in the story transition Proctor's character from a deceitful, guilty man and husband, to one whom was true to himself as well as his beliefs. Proctor changed in character and overcame his struggle with getting to the point in his life where he was finally at peace with himself.

In the beginning of the story John exhibited much guilt and disappointment in himself. He knew he was a well respected man in Salem and to know he committed such a terrible sin was almost too much for John to live with. John could not seem to move on and continued to fall deeper into his guilt. On page 21 it stated, "The steady manner he displays does not come from an untroubled soul. He is a sinner not only against the moral fashions of his time, but against his own vision of decent conduct". Proctor wanted desperately to be accepted and well regarded. He tried to accomplish his goal by hiding his sin. John was distressed because of his pursuit of, what he believes to be, happiness. John also portrayed his guilt during an argument with Elizabeth. He had an innocent encounter with Abigail and told her clearly they were over for good and that he is in love with his wife, Elizabeth. Although this was completely harmless, he still showed guilt when he lied to Elizabeth and told her Abigail and him were never alone together. On page 58 Elizabeth caught him...
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