The Crucible

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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Sadie OMarah
20 Sep 12
The Crucible
In the third act of “The Crucible,” Elizabeth Proctor makes a choice where she lies in order to save her husbands reputation. As this affects both her and her husband, it also affects the rest of the play. In order to save her husband, John Proctor, from lechery she lies to the court. Elizabeth didn’t know what was at risk; she also didn’t know what there was at risk. She didn’t know what there was to come with her words, in which she believed were the right things to say at that time and place. Because of the fact that Elizabeth was unaware of what was happening, she started going helpless when the situation got serious and she couldn’t look to her husband for help. Soon enough, though, she states that her husband is a good man. Although before she spoke, Proctor confessed his sins. Consequently, her actions created anarchy in the court. Sure enough, both she and Proctor get sent to jail. Abby doesn’t want Proctor as much as she did before. Now she wants to get even. Abby and the girls say they see a bird, accusing Mary Warren of witchcraft. This leads to Hale leaving the court and Parris winning the trial. Due to this, the Proctors are taken away and anything could happen to their children, and pregnant Elizabeth. This is all because Proctor said his wife had never told a lie, but she does. Its looked at as the truth when she confessed it to the men. But because Proctor had stated that his wife had never lied in her life, it made it look like he was the liar in the end. OMarah Page 2

Elizabeth’s actions made an impact on the court, the girls, and John Proctor over one lie she decided to make.
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