The Critical Evaluation Essay

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  • Published : May 25, 2013
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Jamie Smothers
Professor Coleman Myron
English 102
27 January 2013
The Critical Evaluation Essay
Throughout mankind, there have been many battles. How much destruction is needed before the war is over with? There have been plenty of demolition, and many people have died to serve and protect their country. In WWII and the Mongol Conquest alone, there were around a billion deaths. This type of destruction is why Szilard wrote a letter of petition to the president about the use of atomic power. America should not result to the use of atomic power until further information can be gathered. The letter goes over atomic power; more specifically Szilard discusses the atomic bomb and how it should not be used. Szilard writes the president “ It places in your hands, as Commander-in-Chief, the fateful decision whether or not to sanction the use of such bombs in the present phase of the war against Japan.” (Szilard) This is followed with reasoning why the United States should reframe from using such force. Szilard uses pathos, ethos, and logos to support his points and reasoning. Szilard uses pathos that which relies on the audience’s (President) emotions and feelings. He appeals to the president’s feelings by stating “At present our Air Forces, striking at the Japanese cities, are using the same methods of warfare which were condemned by American public opinion only a few years ago when applied by the Germans to the cities of England.” (Szilard) This statement is made to show that not to long ago this type of warfare was discussed and voted no for a reason so why use it now. This will only keep us “on this path of ruthlessness.” (Szilard) Szilard also uses ethos to give him and the other scientist he has worked with credibility and show they know what they are talking about. “We, the undersigned scientists, have been working in the field of atomic power for a number of years.” (Szilard) He knows the power and devastation the atomic bomb can cause and thinks its not...
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