The Creative Personality

Topics: Creativity, Person, Imagination Pages: 2 (369 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Creative Process
February 11, 2013

Mihaly Csikszentmihayli- The Creative Personality

Mihaly Cziksentimihayli dares to define who creative people are in The Creative Personality. He does not fail to note that his definition is arbitrary but nonetheless, creative people do usually carry eleven specific character traits. The Creative Personality explains why creative people differ from those who are not considered to be creative.First, he states that those who are typically creative have a, “genetic disposition for a given domain (Csikszentmihayli, 3)”. In other words they give off this aura that screams they were born to be ingenious. This predisposition gives them an advantage that enables them to dive into their area of interest with passion. Furthermore Csikszentimihalyi explains how those who are creative do not only have an early start but a great deal of “physical energy” although they are able to work for long hours they rest appropriately. Next they demonstrate high intelligence matched with high naivety. In essence many of the qualities that creative minds posses are paradoxical in ways that they can reach many extremes with grace for instance they can be responsible and irresponsible, realistic yet imaginative, humble yet proud, and so forth. Although they are dynamic and rebellious they have “internalized culture (Csikszentimihalyi, 12)” and they understand it too. He illustrates how those who are creative have a seemingly perfect mix of qualities. Most importantly he communicates how they are different and unique in their own right. Through reading The Creative Personality the reader can understand that those who are creative do have many characteristic traits that Csikszentmihayli describes in The Creative Personality; however, they are incredibly subjective because creativity is so complex. For instance there are plenty of individuals like Mozart who have low IQs but regardless of their IQs they reach artistic and inventive...
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