The Core: a Geology-Based Movie Critique

Topics: Earth, Outer core, Moon Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: September 27, 2011
Do you have a geography assignment that needs you to know about the core of the Earth? Well if you do, watching the movie The Core is definitely not the place to find out about this information. The movie is inaccurate about a variety of things such as the formation of the mantle, the location of certain places on earth, the temperature of the earths interior and so on. The Core also shows many unrealistic events, such as the earth loosing its magnetic field in a year and lasers being able to burn through the earth (where would they get the energy to run it?) Another thing is that the trip to the core wasn't that realistic seeing as how there wouldn't be any empty space pockets in the mantle, and there would be next to no gravity near the core, meaning that the crew would have been able to float. But throughout its faults, the movie does give a realistic explanation of the strange problems going on in earth, though only if you imagine it's actually possible to stall the earths core with a nuclear weapon. Anyhow, when thinking of the teaching value of The Core I would give it a 6/10 for correctly telling us the layers of the earth, the size of the core and other various thinngs.

To me, The Core was an slightly above average movie. It wasn't your generic 'a big monster/alien is attacking New York' which placed it in the 'ok' category in my book. The plot was new, so even though the movie was quite perdictable and the ending just 'happened' to work out, it was still nice. The Core was also quite entertaning and gave you many reasons to let out a quiet chuckle, even though the movie wasn't aiming for the laugh. The acting in the movie wasn't that bad either so you could watch it without wanting to scream. And while the camera work was a bit shaky and it took a bit of time to adjuste to, it wasn't the reason that brought the movie down for me so much. So what is was the reason? The 'special effects' (which weren't that special). The effects were terrible and made...
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