The Contribution of the Enlightenment to the Development of Western Society

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  • Published : October 28, 2010
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Enlightenment begins in western European in British, France and Dutch Republican, it was evolved by the philosophes who were public intellectual dedicated to solving the real problem of the world during the seventeenth century, but reached its pick only after the middle of eighteenth century. During the sixteen and seventeen century questions was focused in the theological doctrine and church organization, those enlightenment writer changes the questions towards secular study of society and individuals role in it. In this way the enlightenment advanced the secularization of European political life. At the mean time it laid the foundations for the social since of modern era. During the enlightenment period many of the philosophes has a great influence to found the modern era, for instance Adam Smith, Baron de Montesquieu and Ceasare Beccaria are a good example who has a positive Influence to the development of western society at the enlightenment period Adam Smith: is one of the famous enlightenment writers during eighteen century who published An inquiry into the Nature and Cause of the wealth of nation in 1776. His work is a great ideological foundation of a free market Baron de Montesquieu: is also one of the enlightenment writers during the eighteen century who has a great influence in, Montesquieu widely reprinted sprit of the law warned against the dangers of dictatorship kings, opposed the divine right of kings. His analysis England constitutionalism inspired French critics of absolutism and also very influential in the formation of American republic. Ceasare Beccaria: is one of the philosophes who have a positive influence on the foundation of laws and civil right. He argued that laws should be printed for everyone and administrated in rational procedure, his argument and ideology is a great asset to the development of western civilization
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