The Confession in Pardoner's Tale

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Through the use of the Pardoners confession Chaucer is highlighting how corrupt, greedy and self obsessed the Pardoner is, this is portrayed through his overconfident nature as Toba Beta the Indonesian author said “Overconfidence precedes carelessness” this suggests that the Pardoner is not aware of what people actually think of him. This contributes to the pardoner’s prologue and tale as it shows the irony that Chaucer is putting implying through the tale. Chaucer present irony thought the tale undermining the Pardoner in all his glory this could be suggesting that even though the Pardoner thinks that he is wise, witty and fashionable he is in actuality just creating a smoke screen so the others travelling with him will get fooled by his appearance giving him a feel of being superior and more holy then others. Chaucer describes the pardoner as someone having long hair who wares bright colours which is ironic in its self as people relate sober colours and short hair cuts with pardoners because they are normally associated with a simple life style. The description we get of the pardoner appearance is odd making the reader question if he is actually a pardoner or if he is just putting on an act by doing this Chaucer makes the reader question the morals of the pardoner. The Pardoner is also characterised as “gentile pardoner” which again is ironic as we find out that he is nether “gentile” in appearance or personality. However, the use of the “gentile” makes the reader question his sexuality which is further supported by his appearance and behaviour “no berd hadde he, ne nevre should have” this portrays the pardoner in a more feminine light. Chaucer could have been hinting that the pardoner is homosexual however, as the topic of homosexuality was questionable at the time he only hints on it which is suggested by the pardoner not being an able to grow a beard and have a girly voice. By doing this Chaucer is emasculating the pardoner suggesting that he is greedy and...
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