The Comparison Between Economic Activities (by Sectors) Between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

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  • Published : October 20, 2012
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In Indonesia, it has an economy based on three main sectors. One of the sectors is mining industry. Indonesia has very rich natural resources, namely, oil, natural gas and metals. In term of money, natural gas extraction gives the most benefit to Indonesia among all other mining activities. In addition, Indonesia is recognised as one of the world’s largest suppliers of natural gas. Oil extraction in Indonesia carries the same importance as natural gas does. Indonesia also mines metal mineral in a wide range, including bauxite, silver, nickel, coal, tin, copper and gold to manufacture various types of goods and to be exported. Secondly, the agriculture sector is the most employed industry in Indonesia. Most people in Indonesia rely on agriculture. There are large plantations, such as, rice, spices, rubber, coffee and much more to be sold to overseas. However, there are also farmers who produce just enough food to feed their own family or may have a little extra to sell in market. As information, the primary crop in this sector is rice and secondly is known as palawija, which include soybeans, corns, peanuts and so on. Lastly is the manufacturing sector that process raw material into finished goods. Examples of manufactured goods include textiles, clothes, plywood, rubber sheet, cooking oil and many others. These productions in the industry are used to be sold locally and be exported. As information, textiles are the largest export from this sector. The reason Indonesia put its focus on those respective sectors mentioned above is because those mined resources can be sold locally after processing and to overseas either before or after processing. Agricultural products can reduce the burden of government to supply as much food as possible to all its citizens as they have to import lots of food to reach sufficient food supply. Manufacturing sector provides various and large number of job opportunities to its people. By this most Indonesian workers are skilled hence...
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