The Color Purple Film Critique

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  • Published : July 18, 2011
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Samad 1

Jacquline Samad

Professor Brown

History 106

25 April 2011

The Color Purple Film Critique

The Color Purple is a 1985 drama film directed by Steven Spielberge that centers around the story of a poor southern, Black woman, Cellie Harris who overcomes years of racism, sexism, and physical/verbal abuse from the men in her life like her own father and husband. As she lives her life as a slave to her husband, she meets two strong black women along the way that gives her the comfort and self empowerment to finally stand up for herself and not to give in to her husband's abuse. Cellie's new inner confidence also helps her to reconnect with her long lost sister, Nettie and her two children that she had by her father who had raped her when she was just a pubescent girl. The film is based on the actual novel written by Alice Walker. The film's mood is most of the time very sad and lonesome as the character, Cellie misses her close sister, Nettie and has to live in a household where she is constantly told what to do and not have her own identity as a wife and a woman. Through out the film, Celie doesn't quite know how to stand up for herself and know her own worth as a woman since she is used to men taking advantage of her both mentally and physically ever since she was a child. Cellie doesn’t seem to complain but endure all of the mistreatment that she faces in the household from her husband. In that sense, Cellie feels quite alone in the household where she knows that no one seems to care about her feelings and happiness. The film's mood becomes quite hopeful at times when Cellie interacts with other black women who tells her their personal stories of struggle of being a woman.. Their stories help her feel like she isn't alone in feeling rejected and unimportant in society. Their stories give her a sense of self-empowerment to do something about it than nothing at all. The film shows strength...
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