The City Planning Bureaucracy

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The City Planning Bureaucracy

A City Planner is hired by a local city municipality to work in a planning department while being paid an hourly wage. One chief objective of a City Planner is to complete and update a Comprehensive Land Use Plan for a municipality. Another objective for a planner is to construct and amend zoning ordinances as well as enforce the zoning regulations. A planner also constructs and enforces Subdivision Regulations, and manages projects through the Capital Improvements Plan. A city planner in turn uses these tools as well as their specialized knowledge to help city officials and the public design their community and set goals that promote smart growth in their community. A city planner also writes grants for various special interests groups and conducts studies that help to serve the public by enhancing the quality of life in all neighborhoods, downtown business centers, historic properties, as well as environmental planning for the community at large.

The city planning department within a local municipality is quite comparable to the bureaucracy that Max Weber described. City Planning has remained a permanent establishment ever since the 1920’s and will continue to be a part of local government as long as there is growth and development. Planning departments usually have a Planning Director who oversees and manages the operations of the planning department within the local municipality. The other planners that operate under their supervision are Planners I, II, III and possibly other Assistant Directors within the planning department. City planning is based on management of papers in files through various resources and manages people specifically through zoning regulations and subdivision regulations. Furthermore, a city planning department seeks to manage the act of building and development by issuing building permits, inspections, as well as conducting routine negotiations through the use of subdivision plats from...
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