The City in the Age of Web 2.O: A New Synergistic Relationship between Place and People

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Cities are now turning into a constellation of computers that calls for a new way of understanding the “urban life”. There are new forms of segregation that arise from the reconfiguration of the city through electronic connections. A new category of inequality has been constructed around a ‘digital divide’ whereby those who are unconnected to the Internet are further socially and economically marginalized.

The city compared with other habitations was a place of confusing liberation that provided a qualitatively different pace and experience of life. This was accompanied by a sense that ‘one nowhere feels as lonely and lost as in the metropolitan crowd’. Even though a hundred people in the city are around us would still feel alone as the cities are developing interaction with another human is becoming extinct in a way as now everyone feels the need to interact through a medium rather than actually talking to the person. Web 2.0 resources provide new ways to create and publish what, in another context refer to as ‘new spatial imaginaries’ that are needed to understand the mobile and heterogeneous life of the city. By users interacting with each other across various mediums of media they are representing their views of what the city is to them and which may or may not be true as it is could also just be a depiction of their imagination. Example Flicker, people put up images of various cities of what they think the city means to them. This narrative can be visualized through maps, mashups and photographs and is interactive, enabling authors and readers to create and follow both virtual and real paths through the city. The city is both a material entity in the form of buildings, structures and mechanisms, which include regulations and administrative regimes, and an idea in the shape of perceptions and understandings about it. Different kinds of data are made available to inhabitants of different cities who in turn are subject to the physical structure of the...
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