The City at Night

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  • Published : October 4, 2010
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The City at Night
I step forward into the deep, soft snow and hear the sound of a muffled packing of frozen wetness. All the sounds are muffled, yet somehow amplified by parentheses they fall hard but slow, despite the weight. I look at the cloud they fall from and think how the snowflake seems like a frozen flake of a billowy cloud. Its cold and the snow that falls on my upturned face froze on my eyelashes until I blinked and now the warmth of my cheeks melts the snowflake and its melted liquid runs to my mouth, it tastes sweet and salty. I looked into the night sky, expecting to see stars as I do from my home tucked away in our little corner of the world; however I get bright neon and electronic billboards that brighten the night sky so not even a twinkling of a star can show its light down on me. Advertisements, signs, and posters hung from almost every building in a dazzling array of colours. From the depths of the man-made wonder, cars honking, people shouting from building to building, and blaring music could be heard from seemingly miles around. I tried to listen for the familiar sounds of crickets doing their dance of song, frogs talking away to one another in a symphony of ribets ,It was sadly had been replaced with the roar of the crowd, the honk of the horn, a police siren screams to life behind me somewhere. I felt so lonely walking past a family singing Christmas carols, because it reminded me of my wonderful family, which I left in Manchester to move to London, my heart gradually began to freeze and only leaving me with my thoughts. Adventuring through the fogy busy streets trying to find a Christmas gift for my puppy called Muffins, i could smell a pleasant soothing aroma of warm burnt coffee, tempting me to follow it’s heavenly trail back to starbucks, wich was filled with last minute shoppers like me worrying about what to get for their loved ones, but I had to fight my daemons and get the golden woollen coat for Muffins. After...
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