The Circuit Book Report

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  • Published : February 9, 2011
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The novel “The Circuit” began in El Rancho Blanco, Mexico, then continues to California. They travel many places in California because they have come to the United States illegally. The characters are Papa, Mama, Roberto, Panchito, Trampita, Ruben, and Rorra. The basic situation is: the family has always wanted to move to California thinking that they will get a better life, but instead end up getting worse, and being taken by La migra. That is “The Circuit” exposition.

The stories central problem is how they move a lot being illegal immigrants. They face many conflicts like when the baby gets ill and they do not have money for anything. Another conflict the family faces is the moving around. That is the conflict because he has to keep moving to different places just to get more work, it is a struggle to move from a place because just as you get used to one place, then move away, and do it over again it gets frustrating. The cycle continues throughout the book, it is putting a pressure or struggle on Panchito, and probably the rest of his family.

The problem first began when they are in Mexico and they start the journey to California that they have always talked about. They head to California to find work. They first start Papa's Carcachita. The kids including Panchito, are all anxious for the trip; but they don't know what is in store for them. The moving is a great conflict in the story, that is where the problem first began.

The outcome was when the boys were at school and La migra was there to pick them up. Panchito was at school ready to say the speech to Ms. Ehlis. Then all of the sudden Panchito sees the green uniform for La migra and panics. Ms. Ehlis directs them to Panchito, they pick him up, and head for his brother Roberto. They can not stay for long without getting caught. You would predict they will be taken now because of that horrible, scary event.

The events that follow the climax and final outcome are very close to the end. The...
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