The Chrysanthemums

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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Tera Willis
Professor Moore
18 March 2013
English 1B

The Chrysanthemums
The Chrysanthemums by John Steinbeck was an amazing short story full of great imagery. With each different person, a different image appears as they read this story. The characters evoke a certain look to the reader, the scenery a certain color, and the interpretation of the book can be changed entirely on ones perception of what they’ve read. If this short story was to be turned into a film and I was the director there are a lot of things I may or may not do, and have gotten from the story that someone else did not.
I will be describing a certain scene and explain how and why I would direct my film. Focusing on an expert from the short story when Elisa goes up to her room to get ready for her night out with her husband and on until she see’s her chrysanthemum bulbs on the side of the road robbed of the pot. Elisa stands tall and strong, she looks lean and maybe once an athlete. She is a tan, sun kissed woman from working out in the sun with her flowers. She examines her body and sucks in her stomach standing tall and pushing out her chest. She is a healthy looking woman with good-sized breasts and nice curves. She exudes a confidence in her self, and feels beautiful. She steps into her white porcelain freestanding bathtub and scrubs herself with pumice stone. Pumice being rough and strong, she scrubs until she is red almost as if she was scrubbing away any uncertainty she has in herself revealing a new stronger woman. The use of pumice represents the tough times in life, the rough surfaces and not so soft and pleasant people. John Steinbeck could have used an item such as a sponge, rag or soap or many other words but he chose pumice and it was chosen for a reason. I picture a white porcelain tub maybe for the reason that Elisa seems just to be so clean and simple yet so tasteful and deep, full of so much meaning; she is one with the earth and her environment. A porcelain tub...
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