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Task 3 AC 3.1

➢ Attachment needs: By knowing the background of a child, having a good relationship with his/hers parents/carers and learning about the child’s interests all adds to aid the bonding. Each child is allocated a key worker but all staff should be able and available to engage with a child. Listening to them, builds the trust and confidence they will have with you and therefore are more likely to come to you with any problems or concerns e.g. a child in nursery has quite a distressing time when his parent leaves him so (whenever possible) the same member of staff always greets him, helps him sort out his bits and bobs and then takes him to the modelling table (his favourite thing). Over time his has helped him with his negative reaction to being left. This routine is also beneficial if that member of staff is not available as another staff member can do the same things.

➢ Supervision: A child needs to learn and explore so we need to always be mindful of Risk V Challenge. The opportunities must be there but in a way that does not endanger the child e.g. Children should be given the opportunity to use the P.E equipment but staff must keep an eye and mats must be placed on the floor. If supervision is lacking a child could have accidents. Staff must always remember that they’re role models, also a good home/school link is again important as home background may have an impact on a child’s behaviour ect. By being aware of anything that is wrong at home e.g. Neglect and can put the welfare of the child in rectifying the problem.

➢ Safe arrival and Departure: With both arrival and departure staff, need to be warm and friendly to both children and parents/carers. The children need to see a good relationship between home/school to help reinforce their feelings of safety. By getting parents/carers in this way they’re more likely to have a word if there is anything going on at home e.g. a parent took met outside to explain a family pet had died and their child may be a bit tearful. This then allowed us to keep an extra eye on them and be ready to talk about it when the child wanted to. At departure time it is important for staff to be well informed on who is able to collect the children e.g. there may be a court order disallowing a parent from collecting the child. It is also important to keep a register in both am and pm sessions in case of emergencies (headcount) and it is a good way to keep check on regular absentees which may give a cause for concern.

➢ Outings: There are many things to consider when taking children on outings. Prior to any outing parent/carers must know and a permission slip is required for every child. A risk assessment must be done, the route planned and all relevant insurances must be up to date. Extra staff or volunteers will probably be required along with a qualified first aider. On the trip itself staff need to know that they have a list of emergency contact numbers. All staff need to know of any allergies or medical conditions. Head counts must be done on a regular basis – double checking each time. At our setting all the children would also be wearing a high visibility jacket as well.

➢ Play opportunities: In order to help protect and child’s safety and well being and to prevent a setting from being over crowded there is a minimum space ratio for every child i.e. 3-5 year olds: 2.3 square meters of space per child. Children need to go outside every day (weather permitting) and if the setting does not have an outside area there must be on the setting can access e.g. a field over the road. At my setting there is an outside shared area that both F1 and F2 can use. Part of the area is covered so even if it is raining the children can still be in the fresh air. Any theme/topic currently in the class is carried on with equipment and play opportunities outside e.g. shapes – the sand pit may have different shapes in it for the children to find.

➢ Nutrition:...
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