The Charge of the Light Brigade

Topics: Crimean War, Charge of the Light Brigade, Russian Empire Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: November 9, 2010
The poem is one of the best known popular pieces written by Lord Alfred Tennyson as poet laureate of England. In it we may find many of the favorite devices of the narrative poets: Alliteration, Inversion, repetition, balance and climax. The poem relates an incident which occurred during the Crimean war in 1854. England, France and Turkey fought the Russian forces. The battle took place at a small port Balaclava in Crimean. The British Light Brigade, a cavalry of unit of six hundred soldiers were ordered to fight the Russians, a war ordered to change a battery of Russian guns. Though the soldiers knew it was a wrong order, almost all of them laid down their lives. Their immortal heroism has been recorded by the poet in this poem.

The six hundred soldiers of the British cavalry rode half a league (one and a half miles) into the valley of death. They had just received the command to charge the British guns and they moved forward without caring for their lives.

When the Light Brigade was told to go forward not a single man among them was afraid, through everyone knew that someone among their commanders had made a great error in giving such an order. They didn’t question the order. They did not ask anyone why they were being pushed into the valley of death. They knew it was their duty to do and die. Therefore, they rode forward into the valley where death stared at them. They were being shot at from all directions, but they bravely rode forward into the jaws of death and into the mouth of hell where cannon balls were bursting around them.

As they moved forward they were flashing their heavy cavalry sword. They were charging at the much larger Russian army, while the whole world wondered how they were performing these feats of bravery and courage. They rushed through the smoke produced by gunfire. If someone was present there one could see Cossacks and Russians soldiers being attacked by the English soldiers who with their heavy swords...
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