The Characteristics of the Romanticism in Wordsworth´S Poem

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  • Published: August 13, 2012
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The Romanticism was a literary movement that developed mainly throughout the influences of the philosophy of Locke and the causes and consequences of revolutionary spirit of the French revolution. Wordsworth was brought up reading the Augustan´s metric poetry and the neoclassicist’s descriptive complex language which fully expressed the ideas of reasoning over sentiments. Influenced and inspired by the changing ideological atmosphere of the late XVIII and the first third of the XIX century, Wordsworth found his own poetic voice distancing from artificiality of the authors from the past, and writing with sentiment when describing the emotions awakened by the images of nature. He considered Nature as an intelligent, meaningful power of the external world who teaches moral truth and influences the human being’s character. Thus, his poems reflected this twirling relationship between nature and men. Nature's dominant forces are depicted throughout vivid images expressed in an unsophisticated language; simple words that are timely related to provoke mental association processes that could stimulate moral and spiritual growth. Therefore, the cyclical link that connects Nature,” considered as a being with a soul and its purposes, with the human soul and its purposes” (from notes on Wordsworth’s poetic theory) was fully expressed on his work. And as a masterpiece, the publication of the “Lyrical Ballads”(written by Wordsworth and Coleridge) were a clear exponent of romantic ideology of that time, so far to become “ one of the most transcendental and revolutionary books in the history of the English literature, and the symbol of the beginning of the Romanticism in England” (Baladas Liricas de Corugedo y Chamosa)

Lyrical Ballads includes many poems of both authors, Wordsworth and Coleridge. “Intimations Of Immortality From Recollections Of Early Childhood” is the one I’ve chosen to trace the elements of XIX Romanticism in its lines. “Intimations Of Immortality From...
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