The Changing Identity

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The changing identity 2

Identity, personality, self, selfhood, individuality are the words that make a difference between people. Changing identity is really important in point to form new people. People can change their personalities at any period of their lives. Always they change individualities when they move to the next step in their lives and they are in a new society.

First, young people always want to change their identities when they start a college. So, when they finished high school, they wish to be free from their old identities and show themselves as new better persons. Jennifer Crichton (1984) in “The Allure of a Fresh Start” said, “Going away to college gives us a chance to rinse off part of our past, to shake off our burdensome reputations”(p. 239). The period when young people change their old high school identities and try new identities se called “an identity crisis.” For most of the students it is a difficult time when they know nobody and nobody know them. Moreover, changing identity would not be so simple and predictable. From the first day in a college, students did what they came to college to do as Jennifer predicate, “Anonymous, alone, without even a name, I would start over and become the kind of person I was meant to be: like myself but better, with all my failures, rejections, and sexual indiscretions…” (p.240). Also students sometimes afraid to show their changes for a public when they are at high school. Because people, who know their well enough, could see this changes and could convict or approve it. On the other hand, when young people live at home, they are under parents’ pressure. So, they wait for a college as for a chance to realize their dreams. For example, Crichton(1984) tell us about her friends Jacki and Dana who set their expectations too high because they want to show themselves as smart , kind, and look pretty girls. In addition, they believe that when they are playing at being smart and pretty and do...
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