The Changes in Anne Frank

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  • Published : January 24, 2013
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After reading Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl, a personal diary of a girl named Anne who lived in hiding during World War II, I believe Anne’s wise words: that no matter what the situation, every person is still good at heart, whether you can see it or not. My opinion on this topic was greatly influenced by reading this extremely personal memoir of Anne’s life in hiding and the people in the world around her. No matter how bad a person might seem, I, like Anne, believe that deep down inside, they have an ounce of good in them. When Anne, her family, and the rest of the people in hiding considered letting an eighth person into the Annexe, their hiding spot, with them, they hesitated at first, but after hearing the appalling stories of what happens to Jews, they decided they would always have room to save another innocent human being. Once the man was in the Annexe with them, Anne’s father said, “If we can save someone, then everything else is of secondary importance.” No matter the complications of an addition to the members of the Annexe, the other members realized that if they had not let the new member, a dentist named Albert Dussel, into the Annexe, they would have a heavy heart and they would have missed a chance to rescue a poor soul who was in as much trouble as they were, but by taking him in it proved that no matter how much harder their situation would become with a new member, the Annexe members had good hearts and took him in anyway. A while later, after nearly two years of hiding from the Germans, persecution, and being taken away, Anne began to feel that all of the Germans were evil people who wanted to exterminate all of the people they disliked in the world, up until a German general attempted to assassinate Hitler, the man responsible for all the terror of World War II. Anne was happy and found courage in this, because she said that this “shows that there are a lot of officers and generals who are sick of the war and would like to see Hitler...
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