The Causes of School Violence

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  • Published : May 20, 2007
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The Causes of School Violence
School violence is only a recent thing. Roughhousing among teenagers in high school has always been prevalent, however, its extreme forms such as taking out vendettas against students or teachers or bringing deadly weapons to school have only risen in existence in the past thirty years. Now some have placed the blame on the violent video games, television and bad music. The first notable high school shootings didn't happen until the 1970's (Centennial Secondary School, St. Pius X High School), and it's not likely that the video game Pong was turning these kids into homicidal maniacs. As for the music, heavy metal and rap were only a vague concept in the early seventies, but they did not rise to large popularity until the mid-eighties. Television, well known during this time for being very violent (Kung Fu, Kojak), it still seems unlikely as there were only two incidents in the 1970s. For those reasons, these early crimes could not have been linked to the choice of music one liked or their hobbies. In fact, one plausible cause of this might be found in the rise of mothers leaving the home and getting jobs. The neglect of caring for these teenagers is what causes them to turn on society and become violent.

Some of the indirect causes of school violence are music, video games and television. The reason why teens become engrossed in such things is only because of the attention or usually lack of attention from parents, teachers and authority figures. Most school shootings have been traced back to forms of depression in the aggressors' lives. Now sometimes the depression may be caused from other sources or just a random occurrence during teen brain growth. Occasionally it is directly from mistreatment from parents or others; but it is the fault of parents' inaction to treat the depression that leads to the shooting.

A common trait with many of the shootings is the mistake of the parents allowing guns to be in easy access or in some...
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