The Causes and Effects of a Lack of Communication in a Marriage

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DOW CORNING CORPORATION Material Safety Data Sheet
Page: 1 of 7 Version: 1.3 Revision Date: 2006/01/23

1. IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE AND OF THE COMPANY Dow Corning Corporation South Saginaw Road Midland, Michigan 48686 24 Hour Emergency Telephone: Customer Service: Product Disposal Information: CHEMTREC: (989) 496-5900 (989) 496-6000 (989) 496-6315 (800) 424-9300

MSDS No.: 01890573 Generic Description: Physical Form: Color: Odor: Silicone elastomer Paste Colorless Acetic acid odor 2 Flammability

Revision Date: 2006/01/23

NFPA Profile: Health
Note: NFPA = National Fire Protection Association

1 Instability/Reactivity


2. OSHA HAZARDOUS COMPONENTS CAS Number 17689-77-9 4253-34-3 Wt % 1.0 - 5.0 1.0 - 5.0 Component Name Ethyltriacetoxysilane Methyltriacetoxysilane

The above components are hazardous as defined in 29 CFR 1910.1200.

3. HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION POTENTIAL HEALTH EFFECTS Acute Effects Eye: Skin: Inhalation: Oral: Direct contact may cause moderate irritation. May cause moderate irritation. Irritates respiratory passages very slightly. Low ingestion hazard in normal use.

Prolonged/Repeated Exposure Effects Skin: Inhalation: Oral: No known applicable information. No known applicable information. No known applicable information.

DOW CORNING CORPORATION Material Safety Data Sheet
Page: 2 of 7 Version: 1.3 Revision Date: 2006/01/23

Signs and Symptoms of Overexposure No known applicable information. Medical Conditions Aggravated by Exposure No known applicable information. The above listed potential effects of overexposure are based on actual data, results of studies performed upon similar compositions, component data and/or expert review of the product. Please refer to Section 11 for the detailed toxicology information.

4. FIRST AID MEASURES Eye: Skin: Immediately flush with water for 15 minutes. Get medical attention. Remove from skin and wash thoroughly with soap and water or waterless cleanser. Get medical attention if irritation or other ill effects develop or persist. No first aid should be needed. No first aid should be needed. Treat according to person's condition and specifics of exposure.

Inhalation: Oral: Comments:

5. FIRE FIGHTING MEASURES Flash Point: Autoignition Temperature: Flammability Limits in Air: Extinguishing Media: Not applicable. Not determined. Not determined. On large fires use dry chemical, foam or water spray. On small fires use carbon dioxide (CO2), dry chemical or water spray. Water can be used to cool fire exposed containers. Self-contained breathing apparatus and protective clothing should be worn in fighting large fires involving chemicals. Determine the need to evacuate or isolate the area according to your local emergency plan. Use water spray to keep fire exposed containers cool. None.

Fire Fighting Measures:

Unusual Fire Hazards:

Hazardous Decomposition Products Thermal breakdown of this product during fire or very high heat conditions may evolve the following hazardous decomposition products: Carbon oxides and traces of incompletely burned carbon compounds. Silicon dioxide. Formaldehyde.


DOW CORNING CORPORATION Material Safety Data Sheet
Page: 3 of 7 Version: 1.3 Revision Date: 2006/01/23

Containment/Clean up: Observe all personal protection equipment recommendations described in Sections 5 and 8. Wipe up or scrape up and contain for salvage or disposal. Clean area as appropriate since spilled materials, even in small quantities, may present a slip hazard. Final cleaning may require use of steam, solvents or detergents. Dispose of saturated absorbant or cleaning materials appropriately, since spontaneous heating may occur. Local, state and federal laws and regulations may apply to releases and disposal of this material, as well as those...
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