The Breakthrough Experience

Topics: Coaching, Visionary, God Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: July 27, 2012
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Personal vision is the image we have when we think into our future. It is a passion that gives us hope which drives us towards it. Our personal vision inspires us to pursue our dreams by giving us the belief within ourselves to achieve those dreams. As we take steps towards our vision it becomes refined because during this process we are discovering “what we stand for, why we exist, and who we will become” (Collins, 2009).  Personal visions are important because they are given by God in order to get us where He wants us to be. They are our purpose for living. We find our God given vision through prayer, patience, taking a good look within ourselves, and through continually learning through reading, listening, and through the right people.   A life coach can help a client develop a vision by helping them discover what their gifts, values, and passions are. By asking questions like: What gets your heart racing? What gets you emotional? What gives you great joy? A coach can help the client begin putting their vision into words and encourage them to continually develop this vision as they begin taking steps towards achieving the vision. A coach can pray with the client about it and encourage them to stay focused and to keep moving forward.   If a client’s vision begins to fade, a coach can reinvigorate the client by helping the client determine if the vision is from God through evaluating his motives and through his level of commitment. The coach can also bring the vision alive through simplifying the vision because a vision that is too complicated will not motivate the client to remain interested in it. The coach needs to provide encouragement and hope for the client and the client needs to have a support system of other visionary people outside of the coach-client relationship.  Reference

Collins, G. R., (2009).  The Coaching Relationship. Christian coaching: Helping others turn potential into reality. (2nd ed.)  (pp 173). Colorado...
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