The Breakfast Club

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Interpersonal Communication
April 3rd, 2013
The Breakfast Club
The Breakfast club quickly begins to define each character into their stereotypical roles within the first few minutes of the movie. Within the first few minutes you will begin to notice that Alison is one who craves the attention of other and is kind of the weird one out, Bender gets the stereotype that he is some smooth guy that is a rebel, Claire is the popular girl that everyone is high school longs to look like and tries to dress like, Brian is the smart one, and the last of the five is Andrew who is the athlete who is struggling with the athletic persona that he has to stand up to be. In this movie the stereotypes were made very clear, each student had their position in the movie that met up with the stereotypes. Throughout the movie each other the characters slowly started to self-disclose to the other students which towards the end of the movie they started to look past their stereotypes and notice that they all had something in common with each other and became friends.

The self-disclosure in the movie became very evident in the movie about half way through when they all started to talk about the personal issues that were going on with their own lives. Bender asks Claire about her parents and then that leads to the discussion between all of them about how their relationship is with their parents is. This discussion is one of the first that leads all of them to begin to start self-disclosing with each other, they are now noticing that they all do have something in common and that they have more similarities than they would like to realize. Bender then tells the other students about his abusive father, this is something you would not tell just anyone that you see walking on the streets, which tells me that the students are now building a relationship with each other and are starting to form a sense of trust with one another. The kiss that Alison received from Andrew at the end of the...
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