The Boy Who Is Redeemed His Father’s Name

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  • Published : September 6, 2012
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Tittle: The Boy Who is Redeemed His Father’s Name
Author: Terry Morris
Genre: Short Story
Setting: Tokyo, Japan
Mrs.Shoichi Ikeya: mother of Kaoru
Kaoru Ikeya: 19 year old boy that discover his own comet Ikeya 1963 that has been observing the sky for a long time. Mr. Ikeya: father of Kaoru, gives oppressive burden of shame to their family name. Minoru Honda: astronomer, discovered nine comets

Vocabulary Words
* Stifle ~ To keep in or hold back
* Anticipation ~ An expectation
* Distasteful ~ Expressing aversion or dislike
* Reluctant ~ Exhibiting or marked by unwillingness
* Lounging ~ To pass time idly
* Descendants ~ all of the offspring of a given progenitor * Oppressive ~ Weighing heavily on the senses or spirit
* Stigma ~ A mark or token of infamy, disgrace, or reproach * Debts ~ The condition of owing
* Enthralled ~ To hold spellbound or captivate

The Boy Who Redeemed His Father’s Name is all about a 19 year old boy named Kaoru that looked so thin and haggard from lack of sleep because he’s focusing on his goal.Then by the night of January 2, 1963 he sighted a misty object that he had never noticed before and as he observed its movement among the stars, Kaoru positively indentified that it is a head of a comet but he’s doubting if it is his comet or just he witness the return of a comet that already recorded? Early in the morning he report his discovery to the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory a few day’s later the international news services announced to public that using a reflector telescope constracted by him, he discovered the new year’s first comet, named Comet Ikeya 1963 after that he receive a hundreds of interviews,letters coming from amateur astronomers. He got a gold medal award...
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