The Bourne Identity Book and Film Comparison

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  • Published: December 17, 2013
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English Lit. and Composition
16 December 2013
Book and Film Comparison
The Bourne Identity
Robert Ludlum
Richard Marek Publishers; First Edition edition (1980)
The setting of the novel takes place largely in Europe. The story opens in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of France. The story moves throughout France largely in Paris. Zurich, Switzerland is also a major setting. New York City and Washington, D.C. also play lesser but important roles. The story ends in the upper west side of Manhattan in New York City. Other parts of the world are alluded to as well, especially Southeast Asia. Point of view/ person:

The point of view is written in the first person, however, the point of view changes. The story is revealed through the view of the different characters. Their thoughts, feelings and inner dialogue are revealed through italicized words. Bourne also has flashbacks to a time before the story takes place. These memories are also indicated with italicized text. Main character: Jason Bourne

Bourne is the protagonist of the novel/movie. He goes by many names but Bourne is the main name he uses in the story. Also known as the patient, Jean-Pierre, George P. Washburn, Delta, Cain and the Chameleon. His real name is David Webb. The story revolves around the fact that he does not know who he is. After a brutal fight on a ship in the Mediterranean Sea he is shot in the head and his body is found lying on the beach of Ile de Port Noir. He is nursed back to health be an island doctor and spends the story trying to find out who he is. He follows leads and at times, he becomes to suspect that he is a professional killer. He falls in love with Marie St. Jacques supports and gives him confidence. Plot Summary:

A bullet-strewn body is pulled out of the Mediterranean Sea. Against all odds, the man is alive and a small island doctor slowly nurses him back to health. However, as he recovers he has no memory of his name or his...
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