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Topics: Animal Farm, The Animals, 2002 albums Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: April 28, 2013
A very popular book often read in high-school is Animal Farm. The bookalthough distinguished as a children's story, relates to many historical events in the past,. Lord Acton once said "Power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolueley." In my opinion, another excellent theme for the book is: "Idealism forced on reality only leads to destruction." In other words, the idealism of the animals to get rid of Mr. Jones only leads to the destruction of the farm. The people that perform extraordianry work will eventually get tired of doing all the work with little reward for themselves.

The decesion by the farm animals during the night to over throw Mr. Jones and take over the farm and merge from "Capitalism" to "Animalism" led to the farm turning into a very unofficial and unorginized form of Communism in modern day. At first, the rebellion of Mr. Jones seemed to be a brilliant idea. Every animal at the farm was convinced change was coming, but little did they know Napoleon was only out to take advantage of the work everyone else put in. Napoleon slowly gained more and more power through the work of all the other animals on the plantation, and he made sure that all the animals believed that his ideas were much better then Mr. Jones had ever offered. As Napoleon forced the support of more people he gained more power, slowly changing the commandments to make sure he always had the greatest luxury. Ultimatley, a few people will get tired of doing work for others who do nothing.

Mollie is tired of being under Napoleon's leadership and ends up leaving the farm, others shortly followered her footsteps but in a different manner. The hens disagree with Napoleon's orders of 400 eggs a week and protest. The hens were killed eventually as well, along with several other animals for having connections with Snowball after he was forbidden from the farm. The animals become discouraged with Napoleon's behavior, and eventually several animals appear to have given up...
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