The Bill of Rights Importance and Freedom

The bill of rights was important because it guaranteed rights for the people which made it easily excepted. the bill of rights started the amendments to the constitution which likely resulted in some of the other amendments getting added in. i cant really say it has a big impact on my life, because for a i can tell it doesnt. i mean most of the amendments of the bill of rights are not used seriously much today. the first amendment guarantees the freedoms of religion, assembly, petition, press, and speech, but there is no actual freedom there. whatever you say someone will take offence to it, you can still say it but you may have to face a consequence which takes that freedom away. the freedom of press is limited by other stories, financial issues, and companies not letting you publish it because of ideas they dont want to get into trouble for. the freedom of assembly and petition are restricted by our own personal schedules, permits to be places, and how people will treat you because of what you did there or why you were there. The freedom oof religion is unknown to me how it is restricted, i have a few ideas how it is but i am to lazy to think of a way to put them in here. what im trying to explain in this is that the importance of the bill of rights is freedom it always has been, the only differance is now the importance is the illusion of freedom, and that is important becauseof ow that makes us act and why we ct how we act...
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