The Big Bang Theory (the Bath Item Gift)

Topics: Friendship, Morality, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Leonard meets Dr. David Underhill, who is an experimental physicist just like him. Leonard be jealous of David because Davis is a handsome, charming, attractive, cool and a more success physicist than Leonard be. Although he is jealous of what David had achieved, he still jumps of his chair when David gives him an offer to help him in research. Yet the joy he feels by hanging out and riding motorcycle turns to jealousy when David meet Penny and the two start dating. But the relationship between David and Penny does not stand long because David is recently married before. Sheldon, who is roommate of Leonard, concern about the upcoming Christmas holiday and he keep wondering about what will he bought as a gift to Penny. Thus he discovered a wide selection of baskets of bath items, but he does not know what to kind basket that suitable for Penny, so he bought the entire tray of the baskets. Penny give a handkerchief that have been used and autograph by Leonard Nimoy, a person that Sheldon adore the most. The handkerchief contains DNA of Leonard Nimoy and Sheldon happy that he can clone his own “Mr.Spoke”. As a consequence, Sheldon gave all the baskets containing the bath items to Penny and the first hug that he gave to a woman. I need to watch this science based sitcom a few times at YouTube in order to understand what this funny sitcom tells about, because I can’t catch the conversation they had in the screen. This drama have caught my interest and for me, this drama tells us how groups of nerds trying to mix with other normal people. Nerds are an extraordinary person that has higher IQ level that other normal person. They are obsessed to a single non-social hobby. This sitcom teaches us how to appreciate friendship because friendship is important to us in order to live a wonderful life. This drama also tells us how true friends act in order to help us to solve things that we have to do. The character that I like the most in this drama is Sheldon,...
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