The Best Vacation Destination

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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If one has the money and time, one should spend money and time to travel and expand his experiences and perspective on the world. One can find an assortment of wonderful historical sites and beautiful scenery such as beaches, mountains. If those attractions appeal to you, then Europe and the US would be perfect travel destinations. Even though both Europe and America are great vacation destinations, they can be differentiated from each other based on three important travel distinctions: cost, transportation and tourist attractions.

The first major difference between Europe and America is the gap in cost. In other words, Europe’s market price is much more expensive than America. For instance, when you visit a restaurant to have a meal, the employee’s first question is “what kind of drink do you want?” If ordering water, a visitor may be surprised when getting the bill since a cup of water in Europe is not on the house. Therefore, a customer not only has to pay for the meal, but also for the water. In addition, meals are more expensive in Europe than in America. For example, a McDonald’s cheeseburger in America is just one dollar but in Switzerland the price goes up to eight dollars. So, if one decides to travel in Europe, prepare to bring much more money than when traveling in America.

The second difference is transportation. In America, it is very hard to get from place to place using public transportation because America’s public transportations are not located everywhere and they are much slower than using car. In contrast, in Europe, a person can get everywhere easily by using public transportations, even when traveling from country to country. For instance, if someone has a U-rail pass, they can use this pass at most international European rails and public transportation stalls for buses and subways because European countries share a common transportation authority; therefore, it is more convenient to travel in Europe.

Lastly, the two destinations...
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