The Best Type of Flour for Cooking: Science Experiment

Topics: Flour, Cake, Bread Pages: 3 (812 words) Published: December 10, 2012
The Best Flour

Many people when baking have trouble with getting the best textured cake they want. The top could be cracked, taste thick and sticky. Also the cake may not rise, and left sunk in the middle. But this can be what type of flour you used when making the cake. There are many different flours for different purposes in cooking a cake, some for the texture and colour, also healthiness of the flour and the type of grains used in the flour. Some flours have bi-carb soda in it which reacts with the flour to make it rise and aerated. An internet site on baking cakes suggests that using self raising white flour it contributes to the body, structure, texture and flavour to baked goods. This suggests that this flour is best looking and tasting. Throughout this experiment it will show which flour is the best, using Self-raising white flour, plain White flour, Self-raising Wholemeal flour and Plain wholemeal flour.

What is the best flour for the perfect consistency when baking a cake?

I think that white self raising flour work the best, because it has bi-carb soda in it and there’s no whole grains.

To find out which flour can create the perfect consistency in a cake, using four different types of flours and the same cake liquid mixture.

The recipe for this cake is just a plain cake recipe, make the liquid mixture to the recipe and once that is done separate it into four parts in four separate bowls each separate bowl should be 208g per bowl. Then get the four different types of flour, Self-raising white flour, plain White flour, Self-raising Wholemeal flour and Plain wholemeal flour. Put 112g into separate four containers for each. Once done that, combine the liquid mixture of the cake to the four different types of flour. Once this is don’t put the mix into cup cake tins, with an even amount in both. Then put into the oven. When done get them out and taste the four different types of cup cakes....
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