The Best Teacher

Topics: 2007 singles, The Mistake, Learning Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: November 29, 2011
The Best Teacher
Every day we live and we learn. We learn from everyday interactions such as what we hear, see, experiences and eve making mistakes. I feel as though the best teacher is a mistake. When you admit that you made a mistake and learn how to correct it, it is the best way to learn. This is the best teacher because you will learn from your mistake, you will learn how to avoid the situation the next time, and you will learn how to appreciate your success more. Behind every mistake is a learning experience.

First of all, I believe that when you make a mistake you automatically become embarrassed and want to hide the fact that we made a mistake instead of embracing it and taking it as a learning experience. We have mostly learn that mistake should be hidden and that they aren’t good but you can’t avoid them all your life, when you make a mistake, just try again and learn from that. When you get a chance to do it again try harder or go with a first instinct that you might not have thought was right at first. The more you avoid correcting the mistake or making it into a learning experience you cause yourself to set back and doing so may cause you to make the same mistake again. No matter how big or small it might be make sure that you won’t allow yourself to make that same mistake twice. Secondly, you should learn from your mistakes because it would be more embarrassing the second time around. It’s already hard enough admitting that you made that mistake once but then you turned around and let it happen again you really wouldn’t want anyone to know then. But it is important to learn from your mistakes because if you get placed in a similar position or you are doing something similar you will catch yourself before you allow yourself to let it happen again. Refusing to accept your mistakes will cause you to become trapped. This trap will cause you to believe that this mistake is the correct way to live.

Thirdly, when you finally succeed you will have...
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