The Benefits of Green Tea

Topics: Liver, Red blood cell, Nutrition Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: June 25, 2012
The Benefits of Green Tea
Do you know the benefits of green tea? Certainly, the answer is “yes”. Nowadays green tea is very popular not only in Thailand but also around the world because it has variety of taste, for example, lemon honey, Japanese rice and original tastes. Moreover, it also has a lot of health benefits, for example, it controls the weight naturally, resist the oxidation, and it helps in body detoxification.

The first benefit of green tea is it helps to control body weight naturally. Suvarnnachard (2009) presented that green tea helps to speed the metabolism system and burn the fat of our body. In addition, green tea reduces the level of cholesterol by using the catechin or flavones; in other words, some ingredients of green tea that can destroy cholesterol and help to control sugar level of blood. Moreover, green tea restrains the digestion of fat and reduces the amount of fat in the body.

The second benefit of green tea is it helps to resist the oxidation. Mckay and Blumberg (2002) found that green tea has polyphones, which are the antioxidants that have the capability and power more than any antioxidants (pp.1-13). As a result, green tea reduces the risk of cancer and helps the body to resist the cancer cells. In addition, green tea also contains the antioxidants which can slow down aging.

The last benefit of green tea is it helps in the body detoxification. It has chlorophyll that has the benefit for the erythropoiesis which is the process of red blood cell production. Moreover, Pizzorno and Morray (2000) presented that green tea speeds the function of liver enzyme which helps the liver detoxify better. In addition, green tea helps to develop the function of bacteria that benefits intestines, so it makes the better capability of digestion and helps to reduce the accumulation of toxic in the intestines.

In conclusion, green tea has a lot of benefits for our body. It helps to detoxify the toxin by using the antioxidants, develop...
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