The Beatles' Influence

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The Beatles' Influence
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January 4th, 2007

Who or what defines an effective leader? To most, this person or group of persons possesses specific qualities that are desired, admired, and respected. These leaders influence others by their accomplishments and by their positive impact they have left for others. There are many political, religious, business, artistic, and academic leaders that, throughout history, have affected society in such a way that their names are figuratively (and sometimes literally) mounted on a wall in honor of their achievements. But what of the musicians that strummed to the beat of life, in all of its colors, in all of its glories and woes? No, we must not forget that these historical legends, these musicians who sang of broken hearts, love, society, drugs, and of the many emotions that every individual encounters, have impacted humanity just as much as any other leader. The Beatles, for example, are legendary leaders and have been for decades. Their music was and still is listened to by many people. "The Beatles' impact extended well beyond their music. Their clothes, hairstyles, and statements made them trend-setters from the 1960's to this day, while their growing social awareness-reflected in the development of their music-saw their influence extend into the social and cultural revolutions of the 1960's" (Wikipedia, 2006).

"The impact of The Beatles upon popular music cannot be overstated; they revolutionized the music industry and touched the lives of all who heard them in deep and fundamental ways" ( It was 1964 when The Beatles became accepted by America. During this time, the nation had recently suffered the loss of its young president, John F. Kennedy. The Beatles' uplifting attitude and melodies gave Americans hope for more positive things to look forward to. Ironically, adults even grew a liking to The Beatles; rock and roll was...
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