The Beast - Horror Story : )

Topics: Number of the Beast, Debut albums, 2004 albums Pages: 1 (426 words) Published: April 22, 2013
The lake closed over her nose and mouth as Sara sucked in a lung-full of cold, black water. Sarah barely managed to get in another breath, she glimpsed quickly, she saw the dreadful red light of its eyes still shining accompanied by the horrifying howls. Sara felt her body beginning to tremble out of utter fear, for the beast was still pursuing her. Sarah took a deep breath of living restoring air, and submersed herself under the water. She began to swim further and further away from it, being very careful in coming up for air, out of fright of being spotted. She was in excruciating pain as numbness and exhaustion filled her almost lifeless body. She was happy however, for the dreadful moon had now vanished and the suns revitalising beams of light had now began to shine back upon the Siberian forest. Sarah quickly realised however that her family was left unprotected; she prayed the beast didn’t find them. Using all the energy she had left, Sarah rushed back to her village as quickly as she could. She was shocked and became quickly filled with tears of anger, hatred and sorrow. The beast had destroyed her once beautiful village, maliciously murdering the citizens. Sarah not wanting to believe checked her home, shouting the names of her much loved husband and daughter, “Dmitri! Halina! Dmitri! Halina!”, she hoped she would hear something, but how can the dead reply? Sarah swore she would get revenge. She planned for the beast and stationed herself back in her home, hidden and secluded amongst the rubble. As the sky turned dark once again and the moon covered the sun, the metamorphosis of the beast was occurring. The tell-tale sign however, as Sarah heard the spine tingling and ever familiar howl of the beast originating from the street. Sarah began easing closer to the window, whilst loading her shot gun. She saw the beast slowly striding through the village, inspecting for remains of the humans. Sarah realised it was her chance; she took aim, and then...
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