The Bear Anton Chekov

Topics: Emotion, Anton Chekhov, Aerosmith Pages: 2 (920 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Acting I
October 27, 2012
The Bear
I found The Bear by Anton Chekov to be oddly entertaining; it had an almost realistic humor about them. The way the Mrs.Poppv pawned over her husband’s death even though he had cheated on her numerous of times were hilarious to me because I’ve known people like that who would stay with someone just to keep face for society. They would suffer and pretend to be happy just to say they have a husband. There was a lot of bizarre situation in this play that was unconventional to what I was use to. The unreasonable actions and behaviors of the characters is what were entertaining about it. In the opening scene Mrs.Poppv wants to “share death”. She talks as if her life is over now that her husband is gone. You would expect that they had a good marriage but you come to learn that her husband was terrible and cheated on her daily. This makes her commitment to him comical. The way Smirnov barges into her house raving and ranting about his other debtors as though that should affect the way he handles the debt with her. Everything was really over aggravated when the tax collector got angry he was really angry, when the widowers was depressed she was really depressed. For example the tax collector was so angry he broke the furniture the widower was so depressed she locked herself in her house. Both of the Mrs. Poppv and Smirnov do a great job at listening and looking with each other. At one point in the play Smirnov got really angry and knocked down a glass which by his reaction I do not think was suppose to happen but Mrs.Poppv was able to use that and make it seem as though it was a part of the play. I felt like the over exaggeration is what made the play funnier because it was ridiculous how sad she was after her husband had been dead for so long "we understand your life sucks but get up and do something about it". The tax collector was so fed up with life that he was ready to end his life because all of his debtors would not pay up...
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