The Basic Things We Need to Get Right

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Basic things we need to get right.
Starting a construction company can be a profitable venture under the right circumstances. Construction is an industry that will always be in demand and will not yield easily to automation. If you have experience in the field and want to start your own company, be sure to research requirements, laws, and business basics before taking the plunge. One of the first things to consider before starting your own company is financing. If you do not have available funds to purchase materials, tools, and labor, you will need to arrange financing for the start up. You also need to make sure you have a contractor’s license and bonding insurance to protect you. The amount of financing you need will vary greatly depending on the size of the projects that you intend to start out with. If you are performing small jobs, such as remodels, additions, or decks, you might be able to purchase materials and tools on credit. Remember that interest eats away at your profits so be sure that you can meet a completion date and collect your fees from your clients in a timely manner. It is extremely important to have an understanding of cost estimation when you bid a project. Underbidding yourself to get jobs will soon eat away at your profits and eventually doom your success. If you bid too high, however, your more established competitors will beat you out. If you do not know how to bid competitively, you should either develop the skill or hire someone who is knowledgeable about construction estimation. With funds available for purchasing materials, insurance to cover potential accidents, and clients, you will have to turn your attention to your craft force. If you plan to be on site at all times overseeing things, you can easily manage your craft force. If you intend to work hands off, you’ll need to hire someone experienced at leading a crew of workers to make sure the job is done right and according to schedule. Start with small jobs and advertise by word of mouth. Do a good job for your initial clients, and they will spread the word. Ask to place temporary signs at a completed site for advertising purposes as well. Make sure you have someone available to provide estimates for potential clients without holding up current projects. As your company grows, you can hire additional personnel to assist with certain jobs. Be sure to develop a good relationship with building inspectors in your area and to have both a business attorney and an accountant at your disposal should you need their services. Careful planning and attention to detail will help ensure that your construction company stays afloat during the roughest first two years of operation. With a qualified craft force and a desire to succeed, you may be able to grow a solid small to mid-sized company within five years.  

Segments covered LIG and MIG
Those with limited disposable incomes will be able to relate to sailors on a ship stranded in sea. Like the mariner in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, home buyers stand amid thousands of homes, most of them beyond their budget.

In India's urban real estate market, there is a huge stock of apartments, condominiums and villas. Most have prohibitive price tags as developers focus on building premium houses to earn better margins. However, after the economic slowdown of 2008-09, things have been improving on the affordable housing front.

During the slowdown, there was a sharp fall in demand for luxury houses. Also, several developers which focused on luxury housing faced competition due to the entry of new players. So, many shifted focus to affordable homes to create demand and diversify risk.

There is a huge gap between demand and supply of low-cost homes. By the end of 2012, the total housing shortage in Indian cities is estimated at 26.53 million units, more than three-fourth of which will be of low-income households.

The demand in the economically weaker section (households earning up to...
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