The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin-Response Paper

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  • Published : March 27, 2013
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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin:
The Path to the Auto-improvement
Luis A. Cruz
Prof. Jerry Wallace
HIST 1301
University of Texas at El Paso

PATH TO AUTO-IMPROVEMENT 2 The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin: The Path to the Auto-improvement

The main reason that Franklin had to write his autobiography was to show how to live the life in a better way, at least in Franklin´s experience. Franklin added two letters that eventually convinced him to finish his project of writing his autobiography. The letters (one from Mr. Able James and the other from Mr. Benjamin Vaughan) said to Franklin about the importance that had others would know about his life. Actually this book was not destined to talk about his role during the American Revolution. In fact, this book is about a way to get a life of excellence. During his autobiography Franklin remarked the facts that he thought more relevant for the auto-betterment. The main factors that I like were: the importance of reading, the education that Franklin´s father gave him and the accepting mistakes.

During four parts of the autobiography, Franklin talked about how the books make him better. Franklin´s love for the books during his childhood was very important for his success. It is easier to acquire knowledge from books if you like reading than if it is just done as a task. His abilities for reading grew enough to develop his writing. At the time Franklin had developed reading (to gain knowledge) and writing (to transmit it) he is converted in a respectable man. In the most part of his life, due his knowledge, Franklin was very helpful in the development of the town where he lived. Also, with reading, Franklin reshaped his life style. For example, just consuming vegetables (sometimes ate fish), or just drinking water and...