The Appian Way: the Mother of All Roman Roads

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  • Published : October 12, 2010
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The Appian Way:
The mother of all Roman Roads

The Appian Way is the mother of all Roman roads. In this case the word “mother” is ambiguous because it has two meanings. The first meaning refers to being the “most important.” The second meaning refers to an origin or beginning. The saying, “All roads lead to Rome” is true because the Romans built thousands of miles of roads from the Appian Way. This road helped expand Rome’s culture and built a strong economy which led to a new way of trade.. The Appian Way also served as a mother to other Roman roads because of its land conditions. The Appian Way was also built with military purposes in mind. There were many rules regarding how the Romans were able to travel on the roads. All of these developments that originated from the Appian Way made it the most famous road in Rome.

The Appian Way helped expand Rome’s culture and economy. The roads were giant trade routes during peace time. The Romans carried almost everything known in the ancient world on these roads. For example, silk, horses, linen, iron, wild animals, slaves, and salt, are just a few of the items that are carried. The Roman’s traded with just about every county from Central Africa to the Far East. All of these resources helped Rome to expand economically and culturally by supplying Rome with all the resources necessary to build and great empire. This is why Rome’s culture and economy was a direct result from the Appian Way.

Another reason why the Appian Way was a mother country to all Roman roads because of its land conditions. The Appian Way had been repaired numerous times because of its great importance. The original base of the Appian Way contains, heavy stone blocks, cemented with a lime mortar and laid in such a way as to form a convex surface, in order to insure good drainage. In the beginning its was covered with gravel, but later it was overlaid with polygonal blocks of lava, expertly fitted together, providing a surface of...
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