The Analysis of Mi Ultimo Adios Using Historical and Sociological Approach

Topics: Fluorescent lamp, Chocolate, Incandescent light bulb Pages: 4 (1302 words) Published: March 12, 2013
1.Ventilation: The modern concept of ventilation implies not only the replacement of vitiated air by a supply of fresh outdoor air, but also control of the quality of incoming air with regard to its temperature, humidity and purity with a view to provide a thermal environment that is comfortable and free from risk of infection. * The EPA has identified indoor air quality as one of the five most urgent environmental risks to public health. * The majority of all infections and allergies are passed from one person to the other through the air. * The National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine reports that exposure to indoor pollutants is a key contributor to the asthma problem of this nation. * Today's tighter, better insulated homes limit natural ventilation and trap indoor air contaminants inside. 2.The main sources of Metro Manila’s water supply are the Angat, Ipo, and La Mesa Dams. The water from these dams are then processed by the La Mesa and Balara Treatment Plants, which converts it from a raw state to clean and potable water. The water from the Angat Dam, the major supply source for the metropolis, is funneled directly to Ipo Dam. It then flows a distance of 6.4 kilometers to Bicti, after which it passes through five aqueducts—each about 16 kilometers long—to the La Mesa Dam and the La Mesa Portal. From the La Mesa Portal, 60% of the flow goes to the nearby La Mesa Treatment Plant, out of which another 40% again travels a distance of 6.8 kilometers to the Balara Treatment Plant. The La Mesa Water Treatment Plant, with very minimal electromechanical equipment, relies mostly on water’s hydraulic properties to backwash its filter and gravity to convey raw water from the source into the plant and out into the distribution system. It can only process 2,400 MLD (million liters per day) of raw water, while the Balara Treatment Plant, which has a full production capacity of 1,600 MLD, can supply more than 6 million people throughout the...
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