The American Revolution

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  • Published : February 25, 2014
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Castle Middle School February 24, 2014
Michelle Williams 702
The Thirteen Colonies men and women were fighting in the American Revolution war in 1776. During the war women served in a participated in the war. Some even fought on the battlefield. Not just whites fought as well. Enslaved blacks weren’t ones who fought but free blacks along with them. Even some Europeans weren’t all on the British side. Europeans helped us fight this war. Without the French we couldn’t have won this war.

During the American Revolution war 1776 women had numerous responsibilities. (I.e.) Europeans and African Americans took on roles that were important. While men weren’t home women had to take over jobs such as ship builders, carpenters, weavers, and blacksmiths. Majority of the women donated their homes to a hospital. Therefore, Women played a vital role during the American Revolution war in 1776.

Not all Europeans were on the British side during the revolution war. Europeans for example, the French, Germans who came to the American aide. There was an French officer his name is Louis Duportail that helped our American troops prepare for war. There were additional German troops that trained the soldiers and prepare them for the war. Based on Document 7 a German officer named Johann de Kalb. The French fought with us is that they wanted revenge for the French and Indian war that they lost an earlier war.

In the revolutionary war African Americans helped out the whites on battlefield. Although Gorge Washington came up with the Militia act of 1776 and that law allowed slaved blacks and freed blacks to fight in the war. In exchange for freedom for those blacks that were enslaved. Black women were to cook, clean and take care of the children. Also the men would help on the plantation or fight in the American Revolution.

In conclusion, the American Revolution had a great impact on the men, women and children for the thirteen colonies. The...