The American Dream, a Principle

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  • Published : November 26, 2012
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Foskuhl 1
Baxter J. Foskuhl
Mrs. Murdock
AP Language & Composition
November 11, 2012

Our Dream
The American Dream is a principle. Our American Dream is not written down, not created by our founding fathers. The American Dream is a set of beliefs that dictate much more societal change than the Government and even the Constitution. Since it is not written down or legalized, it can change, grow, and flourish however the people of this country decide it to. The American Dream does not prejudice by color or origin. It is not constrained by demographics nor can it be classified as a status. The dream cannot be amended, voted for, or killed. The word shalom comes from the language of Hebrew, meaning peace, community, home, love. Similarly, the American Dream is a belief that has multiple connotations: work, equal, freedom, wealth, opportunity. These meanings are constantly being redefined.

Over time, however; the American Dream has come to being something different for every generation. The tremendous social changes that have happened within the last forty years have significantly changed the definition of the American Dream. For example, there were roughly 150 million people living in the United States. Since then, multiple recessions, social movements, technological leaps, all along with the current population of roughly 308 million has significantly altered the definition of the American Dream. The classic view of the Caucasian family of two kids, two cars, a white picket fence and a Labrador retriever is far from todays American Dream, and society as a whole. The American Dream does not just consist of white Foskuhl 2

families anymore. It does not fulfill to the assumption that men are allowed to abuse their wives, and keep them at home where they are “supposed” to be. Also, the American Dream most certainly does not promise the newest Ford every year. The Dream is the couple who recently adopted an adorable Asian baby. The Dream is the...
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