The American Dream

Topics: Writing, Martin Luther King, Jr., James Truslow Adams Pages: 3 (965 words) Published: December 9, 2012
The American Dream|
Are we really living the dream|

Quintaria Manuel10/22/2012|

All Americans are affected by today’s economy. I have asked many people do they feel as if they are living the American dream and some have said “yes” and some have said “no”. Many people fight from birth to get the dream. There have been leaders who have had the same dream one in particular is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. he had a dream that one day we all will be created equal. He also stated that one day that we would not be judge by the color of our skin be by the content of who we are.

When several people were question I received several different answers to this way of how we are as middle class people are treated. I asked a nurse and she feel that we have it hard and some of us have to get two jobs just to make it. I feel that if we are not living the dream by the age of thirty then we may never be living that dream. Some people are really having it hard not just some American people it is different classes of the American people who are [Writing suggestion: rewrite the sentence to remove "who are"] having [Writing suggestion: the present progressive "are having" is an awkward phrase; use the present tense--simply "has," "have," or "are to have"] it just as bad. No one has asked to be put in different classes, but we are.

Most people are not living the American dream because they want to be lazy and get fast money. Some young people of my generation especially. Some American wants to be famous and be known. The real American dream is just a myth in my book because what is protrude to want to have a family a stable home and white picket fence. Majored of Americans would want to have that life but they live paycheck to paycheck.

“The term “American dream” is used in many ways, but it...
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