The alchemy lab

Topics: Chemistry, Theory, Explanation Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Shavonna Bailey
Barbara Transue
English 102A MW 6:30 – 8:40 pm
The alchemy lab proposed that Alchemy is a craft. The law is that in order to create something new, it must die first. You cant be reborn without dying first. This "becoming" is how they explain alchemy. Its process can also be expressed by the traditional formulas of initiation: the suffering, death, and resurrection of the god or the neophyte, represented by the substances in the crucible or by the material of the craftsman -- the symbolic formula of transformation. Be it raw material, base metal, divine or human spirit, there must be the suffering of purification and separation. The patience that is the quality more vital to the craftsman is, in the final analysis, no other than this suffering, as it applies to the process of creation operating in and upon the artisan himself. As the alchemical substance is "punished," so is the craftsman's material: clay is pounded; flax beaten; wool teased, carded, and twisted; metal softened and struck. The substance, whether material or human, must change its character, be torn into separate elements in order to be reformed into something other -- it must "die" in order to be reborn. I found alchemy to be a bit along those lines. I feel it is the creation of new elements using the elements already given to us (i.e. Water, Air, Fire, and Earth). I watched a Anime called the Alcemy Brothers, and it showed them using alchemy in the way that the thery above explained. It touched me because these small boys mother past away, and they wanted to use alchemy to bring her back. Their whole mission in this show is to bring her back, and in the process, The main characters arm and leg was torn from his body as a trade, and his little brothes soul was ripped from his body as a trade, it is the same theory I found because it was a sacrefise they both had to make for their mother but they did not understand until after.
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